At ZIMM Productions we customize our packages according to the budget and needs of our clients. We also offer a range of a’ la carte options.  We try really hard to make the best possible videos for our clients.  Below are the basic packages but we try to customize our packages to work for our clients.  Depending on what you want covered and what kind of style you want.  We try to get a good selection of interviews with your immediate family and friends.  Incorporating those into the memories and introduction videos (we avoid going table to table…)  We have wireless mics and audio recorders to help capture the best possible audio of your vows, speeches and interviews.  We can also provide the finished videos on thumb-drive or hard drive. Read more below to learn more about us.

Call us to discuss the best pricing. 609.707.5942

Wedding packages average about $2500
B’Nei Mitzvot packages average about $1700


Why are we different?

We embrace story telling!  We can use the words of your own friends and family. Building a narrative about you and the love you share!  We don’t just drop music down and show you video.  We tell your story!

I have a photographer… Do I want or need a videographer?

Imagine your 65 year old self?  Or your 75 year old self?  After 5, 10, 15 wedding anniversaries, memories and sensations will fade.   How will you remember the laughs, tears, vibrancy, textures, speeches or the music?  Imagine sitting with your grandchildren sharing the sights and sounds…  Showing them family members from long ago…

Are interviews mandatory in my wedding video?

Absolutely not!  We understand not everyone wants to talk on camera.  Our goal is to make you the video you want. We cover a wide range of artistic styles.  Don’t worry we try really hard NOT to go table to table with a mic…

Do you take Credit Cards?

Yes!  And check, cash, money order and Paypal… unfortunate we do not accept carrier pigeons… sorry.

Do you travel outside the state for Weddings and Events?

YES!  We love telling your story wherever you want to tell it!  We have traveled near and far for our clients!  We don’t have a magic carpet… so naturally their will some travel costs.   Give us a call and we can customize a package that works for you!

What kind of cameras and equipment do you use?

We only use HD DSLR and video cameras.  Wireless and wired professional sound recording equipment.  Also a mix of handheld, tripod, dollies, sliders and more!  For the ceremony, a second camera is typically utilized to ensure all moments are captured for best presentation.

Do you require a meal on the wedding day?

Yes.  We will be working hard all day to get you the best footage possible.  So we are going to need to eat.  Fortunately most venues have vendor meal options!

Do you only do weddings?

NOPE!  We do Mitzvahs, parties concerts, promo videos and more!  Just Ask!

The one thing you will learn about us is we are always available to talk about your video.